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The Holy Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar which is considered as the most important month among the twelve months of the Islamic calendar. The Muslims fast during the days and spend their nights in worshiping Almighty Allah for the purification of their souls and forgiveness for all the sins and false deeds.

1st Ramdan

Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (R.H) also known as Ghous E Azam was born on the 1st day of Ramadan on Friday. He was the great scholar of Islam and preached Islam throughout his entire life.

2nd Ramadan

Toorat, one of the early books of Islam was revealed on Hazarat Musa A.S. on 2nd Ramadan.

7th Ramadan

One of the greatest Muslims, the father of Imam Ali (R.A), and a true companion of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), Hazrat Abu Talib (R.A) died on 7th Ramadan.

10th Ramadan

– The very first lady to enter Islam and the first beloved wife of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), Hazrat Khadijah al Kubra bint Khuwalid (R.A) died on 10th Ramadan.-In 1973, Operation Badr/ Plan Badr took place took place on 10th Ramadan and started a historical war known as the Yom Kippur War or the October War between Israel, Egypt & Syria.

12th Ramadan

-After the migration of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) along with His companions from Makkah to Madina, the Event of Brotherhood- a human knot (Bhai-chara) took place. In this event the Muslims living in Madina (Ansar) shared their belongings with their Muslim brothers migrated from Makkah (Muhajir) upon the guidance of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).
– Imām ibn al-Jawzī, an important personality of Baghdad who worked hard for the establishment of the city and preaching of Isam died on 12th Ramadan 597 H. He served as a jurist, theologian, historian, preacher, and a teacher.
– Injil, one of the early books of Islam was revealed on Hazarat Isa A.S. on 12nd Ramadan.

13th Ramadan

The Lady of Jannah and a very dear daughter of the Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH)- Hazrat e Fatima Zahra (RA) died on 13th Ramadan in 11 AH as per some scholars.
(Please note, some other scholars say the month of death of Bibi Fatima (RA) is 3rd Jumada al-Thani- so it’s not specific)

15th Ramadan

The grandson of the beloved Prophet (PBUH) and the elder son of Bibi Fatima (RA)- Hazrat Imam e Hasan Ibn Ali (RA) was born on 15th Ramadan.

17th Ramadan

-One of the greatest scholars, spiritual teacher, poet, sage, mystic, and a philosopher- Ibn Arabi died on 17th Ramadan. He is also famous with the names like Muhyiddin (the Revivifier of Religion) and the Shaykh al-Akbar (the Greatest Master).
-Umm-ul-Momineen Hazrat Ayesha bint Abu Bakr (RA), the 3rd wife of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) died on 17th Ramadan.
-Hazrat Ruqayyah (RA), the daughter of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) & Hazrat Khadijah (RA), and also the wife of Hazrat Usman (RA) died on 17th Ramadan.-Muslims got a great victory in the Battle of Badr on 17th Ramadan with only 313 soldiers against a large number of 1000 of enemies.

18th Ramadan

Zabur, one of the early books of Islam was revealed on Hazarat Dawood A.S. on 18th Ramadan.

19 Ramadan

The night of 19th Ramadan in the history of Islam is called Shab-e-Zarbat (the night of attack). The fourth Caliph of Islam, Hazrat Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA) was offering prayer when an Assassin attached on His head with his sword on 19th Ramadan.

20th Ramadan

The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) along with His companions Conquest Makkah (Fatah e Makkah) on 20th Ramadan.

21st Ramadan

Imam Ali (AS) after fighting with the wounds- given by an enemy attacker- for two days died on 21st Ramadan.

22nd Ramadan

Imam Ibn Majah who collected and compiled a great number of Hadiths for serving Muslims and Islam died on 22nd Ramadan 273H.

27th Ramadan

– The bit by bit process of revelation (upon Hazrat Mohammad PBUH) of the last & the only book to remain till the end of the universe- The Holy Quran – was completed on 27th Ramadan
-Shab-e-Qadr- a night better than thousand months- is mostl probable to occur during the 27th night of Ramadan ul Mubarak. It is known as Lalat-ul-Qadr in Arabic which means the night of Power.
-The Islamic Republic of Pakistan got independent from the British Rule and separated from India as a free and independent nation on the 27th Ramadan 1366 (14th August as per Gregorian Calendar).

30th Ramadan

Imam Muhammad Al-Bukhari also known as Imam Bukhari at the age of 62, died on 30th Ramadan, 256H. In Islamic history, he was among the most devoted researchers of Hadith. His very famous compile of Hadith “Sahih al-Bukhari” is read & accepted by all Muslim communities worldwide.