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Peru vs Australia

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In a thrilling intercontinental playoff from Doha, Qatar, Australia and Peru will compete for a berth in this year’s FIFA World Cup.

The South American nation comes into this match as the favourite, having defeated Australia in the group round of the 2018 World Cup.
Can the Socceroos, on the other hand, produce a shock and book their trip to Qatar? The Australian team would be competing in their sixth World Cup in a row.
Live updates and clips from the World Cup playoff match between the Socceroos and Peru. 87th minute: With Mathew Leckie out, Australia brings in striker Jamie Maclaren. The green and gold are aiming for victory.

Behich makes a slaloming run into the attacking midfield area in the 85th minute. On his weaker right foot, he gets to the outside of the area but strikes a low shot wide of the right post. He would have been an improbable hero.

Mabil gets room along the left side in the 84th minute. He sends in a dangerous cross into the six yard box, which Peru scrambled clear, but Leckie was inches from from connecting.

82nd minute: We’re approaching extra time. Will either nation be able to break the tie in the last 10 minutes?

81st minute: Hrustic has a 45-yard crack, but it goes right into Gallese’s arms.

80th minute: Neither team has any clear-cut opportunities. However, Australia has a frightening free kick…

In the 72nd minute, Australia replaces Mitch Duke with Awer Mabil. Leckie takes on a more prominent role.
Cueva attacks from the left side of the box in the 69th minute. Australian defenders take a step back from him. The Peruvian winger, on the other hand, lashes into the side netting.

67th minute: Despite both sides’ good offences, neither goalie has had to make a stop in the second half.

64th minute: In the closing five minutes, the momentum seemed to have gone in Peru’s favour. The South Americans launched a number of frightening raids, but the Socceroos’ defence was only able to resist them.

Mooy swings into another threatening corner in the 58th minute, but Gallese counters with an acrobatic punch. You believe a set piece is Australia’s best route to goal. While Peru’s is being prepared.

The Peruvians make a few of threatening assaults in the 56th minute, but the Australian defence holds up effectively. This half, the South Americans appear to be more threatening on the break. However, Australia appears to be in the lead.

Mooy obtains the ball outside the area in the 53rd minute, but his low effort misses the left post.

Peru has back-to-back corners in the 50th minute. Australia, on the other hand, manages to deal with both. Irvine is the first to clear, followed by Rowles.

48th minute: Peru loses possession of the ball while attacking from behind. Mooy has a small window of opportunity but is unable to discover a solution before being shut down. Initially, the Socceroos applied a lot of pressure.

Second half: We’ve resumed our journey in Doha. Will Australia be able to continue their great performance in the first half? Or will Peru take the initiative?

AUSTRALIA 0-0 AT HALF TIME PERU – The Socceroos had the better of the first half, with neither team creating many opportunities. Will the green and gold be able to rise to the occasion when the South Americans crank up their game in the second half?
There will be one extra minute tacked on in the 46th minute.

45th minute: Wright gets out the back, goal-side, for a flick from a deep free kick, but is ruled offside. That was a fascinating turn of events. From set-pieces, Australia appears to be a tough opponent.

Boyle delivers a dangerous cross across the area again in the 43rd minute, but Peru just manages to clear for a corner. By a long by, Boyle has been the most dangerous player on the field.

40th minute: Hrustic launches himself into space once more, feeding the hazardous Boyle. Irvine wins the header but can’t get any velocity or direction on it as the winger swings up a cross to the centre of the penalty area.

34th minute: In recent minutes, the Socceroos have been giving the ball away far too readily. Graham Arnold’s team appears to be losing steam. It’s now a critical moment coming up to halftime.

29th minute: In the previous few minutes, Peru has begun to relax into the game. They appear to be on track for a strong finish to the half. Australia went all out early on, but was unable to make a breakthrough.

25th minute: In the first half, Australia has done the majority of the attacking. There haven’t been many clear-cut opportunities. However, the game is moving along well.

Boyle darts in between two defenders on the right in the 20th minute. He enters the box and throws a cross through, but Duke is unable to reach it. Australia wins a corner in the 16th minute. Irvine gets his head to the ball first, but it goes over the bar as Mooy swings it in.

Mat Ryan comes for the cross from the resulting free kick, then retreats, but the Socceroos scramble the ball clear before Peru can get a shot off. 13th minute: Mat Ryan comes for the cross from the resulting free kick, then retreats, but the Socceroos scramble the ball clear before Peru can get a shot off.

12th minute: YELLOW CARD – Nathaniel Atkinson receives a yellow card for pulling on his opponent’s shirt.

11th minute: The green and gold have had a decent start. So far, they’ve shown a lot of vigour and enthusiasm in their efforts.

7th minute: Duke has another half-chance at goal after twisting and twirling near the top of the penalty box, but his effort is misplaced once more.

5th minute: Rowles is beaten to the cross at the near post, but the Peruvian attacker’s header lands safely in Mat Ryan’s palms.

3rd minute: Australia gets off to a strong start with a high press. Duke takes a long-range shot, but it’s completely harmless for the Peruvian goalkeeper to deal with.

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