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Mr. West Ham

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Traveling the world

Mr. West HamMark Noble has been all over Europe and past with West Ham United during his 18 years in Claret and Blue…

I’ve generally said, any place I have been on the planet, I’ve met heaps of West Ham fans – you are all over!

I realize that individuals banter about what makes a ‘major club’, however, there is positively no doubt as far as I can say that our fan base is one of the biggest of any of the English groups.

Nowadays, individuals don’t necessarily in all cases grow up supporting their neighborhood club. With TV, the web, computer games, and online entertainment, you can watch each group play consistently, so kids presently grow up seeing groups and players they probably won’t have seen a long time back when I was youthful, and they support them all things considered.

What’s more?

When you consider we haven’t won much over the most recent couple of many years, it makes me truly pleased with exactly the way that large a club West Ham is. There is something about us that makes individuals need to be related to us, whether they’re from east London, Essex, or the opposite side of the world.

I’ve been to America, China, New Zealand, all over Europe, Dubai, and any place I go, you’re there, offering me the Crossed Hammers hint, wearing your shirts, and showing me your tattoos. It’s awesome.

It’s been a genuine honor to consider the world to be a footballer. I truly appreciate voyaging and seeing new individuals and meeting new individuals and it’s perhaps the best thing about the gig, truth be told.

Presently, we don’t move much free time when we’re away on pre-season excursions, and, surprisingly, less when we disappear for European games, while we were unable to try and pass on the inn because of COVID when we went to Zagreb, Genk, and Vienna in the Europa League before Christmas.

Fortunately, in Seville, Lyon, and Frankfurt, we got out for a walk and meet a few fans, while I could hear you singing ‘Air pockets’ the entire day from my lodging!

It’s great being abroad and encountering various societies and hearing various dialects, as well.


Food-wise, we either take our culinary specialist with us or our nutritionist and wellness staff address the inn we’re remaining at quite a bit early to guarantee we eat and drink the right things, however now and again we get to attempt perfect new things.

The number one spot we visited during the time was presumably America. We went there first in 2008 for the MLS All-Star Game, when we faced David Beckham, however, I didn’t play in that match.

I was skipper when we got back to the US in July 2016 for a pre-season visit and two matches against Seattle Sounders and Carolina Rail Hawks.

Seattle was splendid. It’s a vivacious city with heaps of things to see and the individuals were so agreeable and inviting, very much like they are all around the States. We prepared at the Seattle Seahawks NFL group preparing the ground and it was incredible. The offices were a joke and a portion of their enormous name players were there working out as well, as Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin, so I had the opportunity to converse with them, which was perfect, as well.

Then, at that point, we went to North Carolina and Joe Cole was playing a game there for his group, Tampa Bay Rowdies, so we had the opportunity to have an espresso and a visit, which was great.


Football is huge out there now and the nature of the MLS has endlessly better.

We went to China for the Premier League Asia Trophy in 2019 and that resembled something I’d never experienced.

It’s a colossal country with tremendous urban areas. We played our most memorable game in Nanjing, which has a populace of 8.5 million, against Newcastle United and it was so hot and muggy. That is something else about heading out to different nations, and managing the circumstances.

We then took a train to Shanghai and that was like going into space, with every one of the tremendous current structures and lights, and we got an extraordinary greeting from the fans at our lodging. That was a great encounter, even though we lost to Manchester City there.

I additionally partake in the pre-season camps we have each late spring, even though they’re truly difficult work. We’ve been up in the mountains in Austria and Switzerland, and to St Andrews in Scotland with the Gaffer the last two summers. I love it in St Andrews, with the set of experiences and the fairway, and I even took my significant other Carly back there for a vacation!

Disappearing with the young men is truly great for solidarity, getting to know one another in an alternate climate away from the preparation ground.

You’re at the preparation ground consistently together, however, you don’t really get to get to know one another collectively, so when you disappear you can sit and mingle together and see each other’s genuine characters. A difference in the landscape can be an enormous assistance.


Pre-season is an opportunity to bond and a chance to partake in your preparation in environmental factors where you feel better, with great offices, and it sets you up for the season.

You’re investing energy away from your families and you’re buckling down, so to do that someplace pleasant is perfect.

It’s tied in with getting to know one another, building that soul, and holding in front of a long, extreme season ahead, which is along these lines, so significant.

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