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More than 182,000 people worldwide die of virus

August 24, 20222 Mins Read

More than 2,621,436 infections have now been recorded and, according to the latest international media reports, at least 182,989 people worldwide have died from coronavirus. Nearly two-thirds of those deaths happened in Europe, which has more than 111,093 fatalities. With 46,771 the United States has the most deaths of any country.
More than 182,000 people worldwide die of virus
Italy is the second country hit hardest with 25,085 dead. Spain leads 21.717, then France 21.340 and Britain 18.100. Iran announced 94 new deaths from the novel coronavirus on Wednesday but said the cases of infected people in the country were on the way down.
Spokesman for the health ministry, KianoushJahanpour, said the fatalities identified in the past 24 hours raised the total death toll for Iran to 5,391. The number of people who were infected with the virus causing the COVID-19 disease rose by 1,194, increasing the total to 85,996.
“It has continued the steady downward trend in infection cases,” Jahanpour told a televised news conference. However, President Hassan Rouhani called on people to remain alert.
Germany has green-lighted the launch of a human volunteer clinical trial for a COVID-19 vaccine, a statement from the country’s regulatory body PEI. The clinical trial will involve 200 healthy volunteers between the ages of 18 and 55 vaccinated with variants of the RNA vaccine developed by the German company Biotech and the American giant Pfizer.
Meanwhile, WHO said Wednesday that COVID-19 will be circling the world for a long time to come, noting that most countries are only in the early stages of combating the pandemic.
WHO president TedrosAdhanomGhebreyesus said some countries that thought they had the latest coronavirus under control were seeing a revival in cases while upward developments in Africa and the Americas were alarming.
He also insisted that on January 30 the United Nations health agency had declared a global emergency for countries to prepare and organize their response in good time. The U.S. has heavily criticized the body for treating the pandemic, but Tedros has held off demands for resignation from it.
“Many epidemics tend to be stable or decreasing in western Europe,” Tedros told a virtual press conference in Geneva. We see concerning upward developments in Africa, Central and South America, and Eastern Europe, although the numbers are small.

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