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Latest news: India changed the name of Kashmir

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Meeting of Indian Parliament on the situation in occupied Kashmir, Indian Home Minister presents a resolution to abolish occupied Kashmir sovereignty After that, remove all the provisions of Article 370 relating to the occupied Kashmir.
According to Indian media, the Home Minister terminated Article 370AUnder which non-locals will not be able to get government jobs in occupied Kashmir. Cannot buy land in the non-Kashmir-occupied valley under Article 35A of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.
Latest news: India changed the name of Kashmir
35A is a sub-clause of section 370 that was incorporated into the constitution by a presidential decree in 1954. Under this section, Jammu and Kashmir were granted special constitutional status in the Indian federation.
Article 35A is part of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, Article 370 has made Jammu and Kashmir a special state article 35A states that a person can be a citizen of Jammu and Kashmir onlyIf was born here. A citizen of any other state cannot buy property in Jammu and Kashmir. Can he become a permanent citizen here does not have any right to jobs? This Article 35A guarantees permanent citizenship to the people of Jammu and KashmirAttempts to remove it will mean that India is eliminating the status of a special state of Kashmir.
Latest news: India changed the name of Kashmir
Due to Article 370, there are only three issues with the Central Government of India which include security, Foreign affairs and currency are included. All other powers are with the Government of Jammu and Kashmir India abolished Kashmir’s special status in the constitution The President of India signs a four-point amendment to KashmirAfter that, a presidential decree was also issued in this regard According to Indian media, Jammu and Kashmir will be considered as the territory of Indian Union from today. Occupied Kashmir will no longer be called a state the occupied Jammu and Kashmir will have a separate assembly.

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