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Karachi Man was arrested for selling fake coronavirus vaccines

August 22, 20221 Mins Read

A man was arrested in city on Monday for selling fake coronavirus vaccines, the police reported. According to Police chief Clifton, a man who had been detained in the city for selling police had lodged a complaint against the defendant at the Defence Police Station. Police also claimed that the defendant misled people by saying that he was a doctor and that he even ran a clinic.
fake coronavirus vaccines
The novel virus, which emerged in a wet market in Wuhan, China, and spread to more than 140 countries across the world, murdered more than 5,000 people and infected more than 170,000. To date, hospitals across the world are trying to produce vaccinations that will kill the infection, but no one has yet confirmed progress.
Karachi is one of Pakistan’s most affected areas, with 25 coronavirus cases recorded so far from the region. In total, Sindh registered 146 cases of the virus, while 179 patients were diagnosed with the virus in the region.

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