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 James Bond should be British and black

October 27, 20223 Mins Read
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James Bond should be British and black

One of the most recognizable and well-known figures to ever grace the movie business is James Bond. British author Ian Fleming introduced the dapper secret agent in the 1950s, and throughout the years, he has become synonymous with charm. Seven men have played James Bond on the big screen since 1962. And up to this point, they have all been British.

Rumors concerning the potential replacement for Daniel Craig as James Bond grew when he announced his departure from the role in 2021. The next Bond should be young enough to agree to a ten-year commitment, the actor should be British, and he should be a guy, according to producer Michael G. Wilson.

The Bond series now has a significant opportunity: it could cast the next Bond as a Black British male. It would not only mark a significant improvement in on-screen representation, but it could also show the world what it truly means to be Black British.

Idris Elba, Regé-Jean Page, and Damson Idris are three notable Black British actors who have expressed interest in playing the part.

Elba, though, continues to be at the top of many people’s lists to portray Agent 007. Despite his distance from the part, Idris Elba is the UK’s top contender to succeed Craig, with Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddleston coming in second and third, respectively, according to a recent poll.

Of the Black British actors speculated to play the part, I think Elba is the most appropriate candidate. For younger people like me, Bond is seen as more mature; he is effortlessly charming, funny, and attractive.

Elba represents the “cool uncle” stereotype for many Black Britons. He is the member of the family who always looks presentable, who also has a beautiful partner, and who sneaks you $20 while your parents aren’t looking.

Elba wouldn’t necessarily be the next James Bond, but any Black British actor would be a significant pick. A certain sort of Black male character—one who is typically connected to gang culture, drug dealing, and other unlawful behavior—is overrepresented, particularly in British TV and movies.

I enjoy British TV shows and movies like “Blue Story,” “Top Boy,” and “Kidulthood,” as do many other individuals I know. Nevertheless, a lot of the prominent characters support unfavorable preconceptions.

all to different extents. Yes, recent TV shows like “The Capture” and the holiday rom-com “Boxing Day” have seen a slight change. Many Black men in my life feel that these portrayals merely flatten their experiences and add to the racial stereotypes they deal with on a daily basis. However, even today, many of the portrayals of Black males in the UK are negative.

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