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Is Kevin Samuels no longer alive?

September 12, 20224 Mins Read

Is Kevin Samuels no longer alive? Is he married, according to Twitter rumours, to the controversial YouTuber?

Kevin Samuels, a controversial YouTuber, has died at the age of 56, according to reports. However, there has been much misunderstanding surrounding his death, with some publications saying that he died of “cardiac arrest” without providing any verified proof.
Kevin Samuels, who is he?

Samuels is a controversial YouTuber and self-described “relationship expert” who created lifestyle videos on the internet that were meant to assist viewers improve their lives.

His YouTube channel currently has 1.43 million subscribers, with his most recent video, “Modern Women Are A Party of One,” being streamed just one day ago.

Samuels has been chastised for propagating “misogynistic” ideas and attitudes on his channel, and for being particularly dismissive of women.Is Kevin Samuels no longer alive? Is he married, according to Twitter rumours, to the controversial YouTuber?

Samuels stated in one of his March 2021 videos that “high-value guys cheat” and that women should embrace it since it is in their nature to cheat. In his films, Samuels also claims that “high-value males” prefer “submissive” and “agreeable” women.

He recently stirred uproar when he said that women over 35 who are single are “leftovers” a few weeks ago. He believes these ladies have “something wrong with them” and that they are “all that’s left.”

Samuels is not currently married, but according to the Sun, he has previously been married twice and divorced from both partnerships. Samuels also has shared custody of a daughter he had with one of his ex-wives, according to the publication.

Is he gone?
The news of Samuels’ death has been widely circulated, but no one from Samuels’ team, family, or social media sites has verified his death.

According to Revolt Black News, “trusted sources” revealed that the YouTuber died on Thursday, May 5th, and Melanie King, a friend of Samuels, stated in a video with over 105,000 views on Twitter that she obtained “family confirmation” that Samuels had died.

When questioned if the story might be false, King shook her head and replied, “I have family confirmation.” This is 100% accurate. The funeral will very certainly take place in Oklahoma City.”

Philip Lewis, the Huffington Post’s front page editor, tweeted: “What we know about Kevin Samuels thus far:

“Police in Atlanta told me they were able to “find an occurrence” in relation to my inquiries. There are no additional details.

“More details on Kevin Samuels, per Atlanta Police,” Lewis followed up with another tweet shortly after.

“A lady met Samuels and stayed with him for the night. Kevin Sameuls, she recognised him as.

“She contacted 911 when Samuel complained of chest problems and fell on top of her.

“He was unconscious while officials began CPR.”

Comments about his death
Online reactions to the news of Samuels’ likely death have been divided, with some believing that he does not deserve to be remembered fondly because of his deeds in life.

“All I can say about Kevin Samuels is that if you spend your life demeaning others, don’t be shocked when they disrespect you in death,” one user commented. The legacy you leave behind will be remembered by the fruit you grew while you were here, no matter how terrible it may be.”

“Kevin Samuels made a career out of attacking women and enforcing restrictive gender stereotypes, and now you expect us to take the high road when we find out he died,” another said.

“Kevin Samuels posed a threat. Nothing about his principles made sense to me. His audience is made up of males who are so insecure in their masculinity that they believe degrading women is a personality feature… “We’re not celebrating his death; we’re just not grieving it,” one person commented.
“Kevin Samuels has built a profession out of blatantly disgracing Black women for business,” stated journalist Ernest Owens. He empowered the most dangerous people to spread outdated and damaging tropes about Black women. What a disgusting life to live, whether dead or alive. For the misogynist, that’s all I’ve got.”
Others, on the other hand, believe that celebrating someone’s death is pointless, regardless of whether you agree or disagree with their viewpoints.


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