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I refused to marry Nimarta because my life was in danger

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marry Nimarta
Mehran Abro, a friend of Nimarta who is in police custody, said If I were married with nimarta, so her relatives would not survive us.  In the event of marriage, the police would have recovered the modesty and her parents would have sent her out And I was sentenced to 14 years, so after marriage with humility, my family and I would be destroyed (Student Statement)
Asifa Dental College student and friend of modesty said Mehran that decision to not marry was told several times to Humility and her family Even when my parents were not in favor of marriage On the other hand, the police did not come to any conclusion in the humble case Humility suicides or kills them, investigating agencies are busy investigating.
Media reports quoted the Nimarta brother as refusing to file a case on the mysterious death of final year student of Asifa Dental College, Larkana. Dr Vishal says Judicial Inquiries will not file an FIR before the report arrives Police sources say Nimrata Chandani’s brother Dr. Vishal along with his uncle and uncle arrived at the office of SSP Masood Bangash.
Dr. Vishal described to police that he did not want any action in connection with the murder or suicide of the gentleman before the inquiry came into question. SSP Masood Bangash said that IG Sindh has been informed about the failure of the FIR to be filed by the heirs. On the other hand, Asifa Dental College student in Larkana has a new turn in the mysterious death incident.

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