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September 10, 20224 Mins Read


Students often question that How to write a quality 500-word essay? Well, the answer to your question is right ahead.
When the teachers ask the students to write a 500-words essay writing 2021, they often confuse, and writing this type of paper seems a challenging task to them. And they get disappointed in that panicking situation which only leads them to failure.
Let us be clear here that writing such paperwork is not that difficult as some students might think, all you have to calm down and focus.

Why write a 500-word essay?

A question often arises, why writing a 500-word essay writing?
The answer is really simple because it has been made a rule that such a limit can allow the construction of any specific topic for proving your point of view and speaking of your mind. As well one can easily analyze any particular subject being on the right point without going the useless details.

What is a 500-word essay and what should be its length?

A 500-word essay does not mean it is a sort of an essay but instead is just a format for writing a different descriptive paper that may relate to any subject.
The question that “How long should be a 500-word essay?” or “What should be the length of a 500-word essay?” sounds too silly. A 500-word essay means 500!!!
But yet another question “How many pages should a 500-word essay must be?” It looks much easeful and worth answering. Most often, a 500-word structure takes about one and a half pages while writing on a double space with the “Times New Roman” having font size 12 which is a universally preferable format.

The Formation of a 500-word essay:

The structure of an essay of a 500-word consists of the following essential components.

  1. Introduction

The introductory part of an essay contains the thesis which engages the reader and grabs their attention. The thesis may be in a question form that would, later on, be answered in the body or it may be a supporting statement for the body to be written at the end of the introduction
The introduction must be short and to the point explaining the concept of your essay clearly.

  1. Body/ Main part

The body is the base of any essay as you give all the concerned details of the subject here. In this part, you have to show all of your emotions to the readers and share all your feelings about the Event, the Phenomenon, or the Object that you are writing about so that they may imagine themselves as the part of your description or the scene.

  1. Conclusion/ Summary

The conclusion is the ending part of the essay where you summarize all of your statements within a short paragraph of about 50 words.

Some useful tips to write an essay:

While writing a 500-word essay, these tricks and tips may further assist use.

  • Select a topic: choose a topic and make its outline before you go on for writing. Gather some ideas, hints, and points to make your topic more clear and coherent.
  • Research and read the topic samples: Studying and collecting knowledge about the topic that you are going to write on is very essential as it can further guide you on what to write.
  • Style: Everyone possesses a specific writing style with a different approach to the words and their formation. Hence, you should be unique while writing such paperwork and should be appropriate for the concerned subject.
  • Check grammar: The grammatical mistakes such as spellings, punctuation, verbs, articles, and structures must be rechecked as these are the most common unnoticeable ones.
  • Avoid plagiarism: Make sure that your paper doesn’t contain any plagiarism as this can easily be identified by a professional teacher and can lower down your grades and reputation.
  • Spend sufficient time for editing and proofreading: Take at least one to two days for writing a 500-word eassy writing. The first day makes a draft without considering your mistakes and length. The next day, go ahead with the necessary editing, arrangement of paragraphs, and then finally the proofreading.

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