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How to prepare a good cup of tea

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Tea is also considered to be beneficial for health but that too when drinking in moderation, because drinking too much can cause harm. But skip the health benefits or amounts, let them know how to make good tea.?
A report was quoted in The Guardian In fact, the key to a cup of good tea is the use of standard ingredients and it is much better to use leaves instead of tea bags to make this hot beverage Which makes this beverage more flavorful. Although bags help to make tea quick but they also often have a tasteless taste. As far as water is concerned, prefer filter water Because the amount of minerals in ordinary water is quite high So this is why most of the time you will see the oil on the surface of the tea.

Put the leaves for the black tea and boil the water well so that they start to boil, However, before moving the cups, wash the cups with some warm water and warm them.

For green , keep the water cool for some 70 to 80 centigrade, How much milk is added to can be tailored to each one’s taste, But when you want to drink milk, it should be added to the beverage only when the tea is ready, Simply put, milk should be included at the end. Sugar can be added to everyone’s own taste, but experts say that sugar should be added to the “Dodh Patti” only.

Other types should be consumed without sugar but as it is written, this is not a final opinion and everyone should add sugar or milk to their liking Because this hot beverage is consumed to enjoy and that should be taken care of in your choice

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