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HAMPTA PASS TREK | An Amazing Trekking Trek

September 8, 20224 Mins Read


This is 14,000 feet above sea level which is located at Pir Panjal Region of the Himalayas. The name of the same came from a village called Hampta. This place is mostly covered by the shepherd and a lot of trekkers. It is a crossover from a lush green Kullu Manali to a barren desert, Spiti Valley. Vertical rock falls, hanging glaciers, waterfalls, open meadows, small lakes, etc are the main attractions for the trekkers The trekking starts from Kullu valley moving through Hampta pass  trek and over to the drier region of Lahaul. Travelers mostly prefer an itinerary transport from Manali to Jobri. This trip usually completes after 3-4 days. There are a lot of oak and walnut trees along the trip to bring beauty to the trip.


By Roadways :

Hampta pass trek is at Manali which is very well connected to New Delhi. Taking a bus from Delhi overnight, in 12 to 14 hours you will reach Manali.

By Airways :

Kullu Manali Airport is the nearest which is at Bhuntar of about 50kms. Cabs are available from Bhuntar to Manali for a reasonable price.

By Train :

Joginder Nagar railway is the nearest one of about 163kms from Kullu Manali.


  • A head torch.
  • Rain cover.
    A set of warm clothes.
  • Toilet papers and wipes as your requirement.
  • Hiking shoes.
    A strong walking stick.
  • Backpack.
  • Extra pair of socks.
  • Thermal and fleece jackets.
  • Water bottle and some dry-packed snacks.
  • Waterproof windchecker.
  • Face masks and face shields.


It is preferably mid-June to September that trekking to this place is good for an amazing experience.


It is said that this trekking is not that difficult nor that easy. It is actually a moderate trekking experience. Even a beginner can take up this trekking as a mini step to bigger ones. The trek guides will help trekkers if they need any help. This trekking can help a lot of beginners to overcome their fear of a lot of things like, heights, water, strangers, and many more. They can also stay in their own environmental bubble if required.


  • To experience the:
    • lush green Manali valley to the landscape of Spiti.
    • wonderful lake at Chandrataal which changes its color throughout the day.
    • distinct Buddhist culture of the people who live at Sethan.
  • To trek through the glossy Greenlands, vertical rock walls, silver waterfalls, hanging glaciers, etc.


Manali, Jobra, Chika, Rani Nallah, Balu Ka Ghera, Dhauladhar ranges, Siagoru,The White Range, Lahul and Spiti Valley, Hampta village, Pir Panjal ranges, Chatru, Lahaul, Chandra Thal.


The localities of these regions reflect the unique and distinct socio-cultural lifestyle of the same. The ancestral heritage and rich traditional legacy they passed onto the modern era from the past is great. The beautiful valley of Manali is home to a large number of indigenous groups of tribals. The tribal community of the Kinnaur is one of the important inhabitants of the valley. This tribe believes in equal distribution of work irrespective of gender, which most of us need to learn from them. Gujjar is another tribal community that is referred to as the “wandering tribal of the region”.
The different tribes follow different social customs and cultural patterns. They are blessed with traditional crafts and art. Also, they are famous for their indigenous folk songs and dances. They usually prefer to wear their traditional attire most of the time. They welcome the trekkers and tourists with a warm heart and also let them be a part of the tribe to learn more about their culture and traditions. To make their culture known to the world before they are extinct from the tribe themselves.


Due to industrialization, tribals move away from their home in search of new homes where they need to spilt to find comfortable places for everyone, due to which they lose their roots to the actual home, culture, traditions, and more. Himachal Pradesh being varied in its topography, this state is the best suited for a lot of adventurous sports and trekking events. Using earphones can damage the audibility due to the high altitude. Trekkers mostly avoid plastics to be more eco-friendly. Trekkers reach the destination with experienced drivers for a smooth experience for them.

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