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Hair Loss and Dandruff Solution

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Hair loss and Dandruff Solution

This prescription stops hair loss, eliminates scalp dandruff, removes weakening of hair from the roots thinning.

Hair loss will stop, dry scalp eliminates scalp, and just two months of continuous use makes hair much thicker and longer.

Make sure you take advantage!


  • Amla 12 grams
  • Coin moss 12 grams
  • Balchhar 12 grams
  • Khus, 12 grams
  • Rattan jute 12 grams
  • Methra 12 grams
  • Natural coconut oil one kg (self-extract is much better, the market may be insufficient)

Tip: Finely grind all the medicines in oil and keep them in the sun for 21 days. All the oil will turn red. Check the pin and massage it into the scalp daily.

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