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Gwadar Stadium to host a match between Karachi Kings and Quetta Gladiators

September 6, 20222 Mins Read

Gwadar Cricket Stadium will host a match on March 25, Fakhr-e-Alam announced on Monday, between Pakistan Super League (PSL) franchise teams Quetta Gladiators and Karachi Kings.

In a video posted on his official Twitter account, the famous TV personality shared the news. “I want to break the news that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has officially informed the Balochistan government that on March 25, just after PSL ends, it wants to organize a match between Quetta Gladiators and Karachi Kings,” Alam said in the video.

Congratulations to those who wished to make this happen. For cricket fans, for me and for the people of Balochistan, there can’t be better news.

The 45-year-old added that he originally wanted an official PSL 2021 match to be played at the venue, but it was hard to organize the fixture because the stadium does not meet the requirements set by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and PCB.

Alam thanked the PCB and the two franchise owners for their support and willingness to play a match at Gwadar Stadium, which was recently in the headlines for its striking beauty.

“I would like to thank the PCB for that: Wasim Khan, thank you very much,” he said. The host added, “Both franchises — Nadeem Omar and Salman Iqbal, thank you guys for doing this.”

Earlier on Friday, as a tribute to the late mountaineer Ali Sadpara, the stadium held its first exhibition match between Gwadar Dolphins and Showbiz Sharks on Friday.

Alam also showed his trust in the provincial government, saying that Balochistan‘s Chief Minister Jam Kamal is a “very dynamic and progressive” man and that he will arrange the match successfully.


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