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September 6, 20223 Mins Read

The first-ever cricket match is being held at Gwadar Cricket Stadium- the world’s most beautiful stadium. And the match was dedicated to the great mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara.

The Gwadar cricket stadium which that has been in headlines for being the world’s most beautiful stadium. Its beauty has caught everyone’s attention throughout the world. Today, as on Friday, 19th Feb., 2021, it has hosted its the first ever cricket match.

The picturesque Gwadar stadium, surrounded by the majestic mountains hosted a match between the Gwadar Dolphins vs. the Showbiz Sharks.

Moreover, the Showbiz Sharks are led by Waseem Khan, PCB CEO, according to a survey. They will include Fakhr-e-Alam, Faysal Qureishi, Ali Zafar, Saleem Sheikh, Aijaz Aslam, Shezad Roy, Sami Khan, Kamran Jeelani, Salman Saeed, Ali Safina, and Noman Habib.

The Dolphins, on the other hand, are led by Zulfi Bukhari, Special Assistant to the Overseas Pakistani Prime Minister, with local players and Ali Zaidi and GOC Gwadar.

British High Commissioner Christian Turner of Pakistan officiated the toss between Zulfi Bukhari and Waseem Khan.

“What a stadium,” Turner said. “It’s the most beautiful stadium in the world, in my opinion,” he said.

Bukhari’s Sharks won the toss, and the skipper elected to bowl first.

Waseem Khan said, “Our batting and bowling line-ups are both strong, so we are looking forward to the game,”

Cricket buffs have been unable to hold back from tweeting stadium images. We have listed a few of the posts of twitter below:

The Pakistani Ministry of Overseas wanted to hop on the “Pawri Hori Hai” bandwagon.

Someone from their twitter account posted the new “PSL banger” playing loudly in the stadium.

The Ministry of Zulfi Bukhari tweeted a few images of the captain of the Dolphins on the field.

Also, Christian Turner was very enthusiastic about being at the venue himself.

Pakistani Mountaineer Ali Sadpara

Ali Sadpara - The brave and iconic climber of Pakistan Missing Since 5 February 2021

Before the game everyone prayed for Pakistani mountaineer Ali Sadpara and the other two foreign climbers who went missing with him on their adventurous expedition to K2.

Sadpara’s family recently declared him dead.

Another ardent sports fan tweeted a few stadium photographs on her social account showing the stadium’s workers preparing the ground for the action ahead.

The stadium was first highlighted by Fakhar-e-Alam-the actor, singer, and television personality, who tweeted photographs and videos of the stadium.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) soon caught wind of it and posted stadium photographs, disturbing some Indian cricket fans.

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