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Give me the Badshahi Masjid

August 20, 20222 Mins Read

Give me the Badshahi Masjid
Pakistan’s leading business tycoon Malik Riaz appeals to the chief justice of Badshahi Masjid, Malik Riaz says that I will spend as much money on the maintenance of Allah house as it does, The Masjid roofs and walls have holes, Malik Riaz said that Chief Justice should also listen Bab Pakistan and Badshahi Masjid the voice.
He said that the Masjid should be given to us, we will restore it, this is the house of Allah, whoever will restore it will benefit, He said there would be enough reward for all ages, the government can either give it to NAB or give it to me. He said committees did not do such work, See the decision of the committees NAB, the rest of the mosque cost as much as the renovation and renovation I’ll put it on.
Malik Riaz said that I had talked to Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif on the state of the Masjid. To see the management of the Bahria Masjid on one side and the status of the king’s Masjid on the other. After which a committee was formed, the committee was headed by Kamran Lashari, Then the punctuation came and they clashed with each other, He said it was sad to see the situation in the Masjid. There are piles of rubbish but no one is around.

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