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Forced to run pickup after cricket is closed

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Cricketer forced to run pickup after cricket is stopped Opponents of the new system were in the position With the closure of departmental cricket, many young cricketers will become unemployed and it seems that this fear has turned into reality Because first class cricketer Fazal Subhan, who was once considered a strong candidate for the Pakistan Test team are forced to run pickups.
In a video that went viral on social media, Fazal Subhan says he is running a pick-up on rent. However, sometimes work is done and sometimes not many days “I worked hard to make a place in the Pakistan team,” Fazal Subhan said and in the days of departmental cricket he used to earn a salary of one lakh rupees But now I am earning 30 to 35 thousand rupees That doesn’t matter.

Fazal Subhan said, I am grateful that I am doing this right now.  Because of the circumstances, could it not even be known tomorrow We have no choice but to do something for our children he added Not only me but many more cricketers are forced to do such things, Some online taxi companies are riding motorcycles So some are going to spend pickup etc. while some are stuck in companies.

He said, at one time I was being considered a strong candidate for the Pakistan Test team, Even I received a call from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) asking you to get ready. On which I also renew my passport but then did not find out, someone else was selected.

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