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Firebrand cleric Nasir Madni claims he was kidnapped

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Firebrand cleric Nasir Madni claims he was kidnapped, raped, robbed, and questioned for gold.
Faith scholar Nasir Madni demanded the registration of a case against his suspected abduction and abuse at the Mozang Police Station in Lahore on Wednesday. The cleric said that he had been kidnapped, abused and extorted. Following his claim, Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar took note of the incident and directed intervention.

The police confirmed that they should consider disciplinary action after performing a forensic test. Addressing a press conference at the Lahore Press Club on Tuesday, Firebrand Madni said he was abducted by unknown people and asked for rent. He claimed he was battered and robbed of his clothing, too, when his kidnappers filmed a video attack.

While showing his bruises to the media, the cleric said that the abductors had asked for the password for his YouTube channel and confiscated his phone. “Then they ran news on my social network that I was suffering from coronavirus,” Nasir Madni said.

According to The Reports, Firebrand the cleric said he had been abducted by unknown guilty parties at gunpoint after requesting him to lead the prayers in the Kharian region a few days ago via WhatsApp. The study claimed that the kidnappers had also confronted the cleric with the specifics of going public or contacting the police.

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