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Dua Zehra can decide who she wants to live with, rules SHC

September 13, 20223 Mins Read

Dua Zehra can decide who she wants to live with, rules SHC/According to a decision made by the Sindh High Court (SHC) on Wednesday, Karachi adolescent Dua Zehra can choose for herself whether she wants to live with her spouse or her parents.

After deferring judgement on the adolescent’s recovery plea at the hearing earlier today, the high court gave the parents a 10-minute meeting with their daughter.
In addition to the girl’s parents, the meeting in the courtroom also included the girl’s maternal aunt.
After the meeting, the girl’s father, Mehdi Ali Kazmi, approached the judge’s rostrum and asserted that the youngster had expressed a desire to return home.

Dua Zehra signed an affidavit before the court stating that she did not want to leave with her parents, according to the court, which disputed his claims.
The judge noted, “Despite the affidavit, you are asking us to impose another injunction.”
To the dismay and incredulity of the high court, father of Dua Zehra reaffirmed his assertion.
Legal sources say that the parents’ assertion was untrue. Dua remained silently and did not even turn to face her parents, despite their repeated requests for her to accompany them home.

Wrong age of Dua Zehra according to a medical report

Mehdi Kazmi told the media in a post-hearing interview that the court-ordered medical report indicating his daughter was between the ages of 16 and 17 was “wrong” and that he had “disputed the medical report.”

His attorney said that they have official documentation proving  actual age of Dua Zehra and that the medical report was “based on mala fide.
He said that Dua’s age was determined by a junior doctor, and that no medical board had been established to do so.
After the hearing, province minister Shehla Raza spoke with the media and stated that the child had been given permission to receive a medical checkup in order to ascertain her age before today, when she came before the court. She said, “We have a problem with the girl’s medical report.

The police surgeon’s age certificate, according to the minister, was requested, but it doesn’t even include the doctor’s signature. Shehla later clarified that someone else’s signature, not Dua Zehra’s, appeared on the medical certificate. The minister stated, “The teeth have been deemed to be of a minor in the certificate.”
“I’ve met the woman. She cannot travel alone, Shehla said, noting that the girl had expressed her desire to travel without her parents at the previous hearing. She did, however, note that Dua Zehra had expressed a desire to accompany them today. “But I was unable to go, “According to the minister.

LHC challenges petition

The Lahore High Court (LHC) objected to a plea by father of Dua Zehra over a harassment complaint made by the girl’s mother-in-law in a different lawsuit.
The high court was asked by the father of Dua Zehra, a teenage girl who was reportedly abducted and married, to reject the mother-in-appeal. law’s
The petition claimed there was no rationale for bringing Dua Zehra before the LHC because she had already been brought before the Sindh High Court (SHC), rendering the case filed in the LHC inactive.

The petition requested that the court reject the mother-in-law’s pending petition.
Dua Zehra’s mother-in-law, Noor Bibi’s, request regarding harassment by the police is currently under hearing.

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