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Donald Trump Lawyer’s Case: Come to the Presidential Hearings or Stop Doubts:

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The US Congress has invited President Trump Donald Trump to attend the first hearing on December 4 against him.
Chairman of the Democratic Party’s House Judiciary Committee, Gerald Needler, has said that either the president comes to the proceedings or stop complaining.
He said if the president came to the hearing, he would be able to question the witnesses.
The US president is accused of stopping military aid to Ukraine to force the newly elected president of Ukraine against the son of a former US vice president and residential candidate Joe Biden. Initiate an investigation into the alleged corruption charges.
In the prosecution, it remains to be seen whether the US president threatened to withhold Ukraine’s aid if he did not investigate Biden.
But on the other hand, President Trump calls the investigation into the US House of Representatives a “revenge action”.
The House Intelligence Committee completed a two-week public hearing last week before witness statements were gathered in the closed room for several weeks.
Adam Schoff, chairman of the Democrats’ Committee for Intelligence, says the committee, which is leading the investigation, is now working on its report and will be presented on December 3.
What did Gerald Needler say?
Needler said in a statement that he invited Trump to a hearing next month.
“The president will have to decide whether to take advantage of the opportunity to be part of the proceedings or continue to raise objections to the proceedings,” Needler said.
“I hope they will be part of this inquiry, either by themselves or through a lawyer, like the previous presidents.”
In his letter to the President, Needler wrote that this hearing is a good opportunity to discuss the constitutional and historical significance of the motion.
“We will also discuss whether the allegations against you allow Congress to order a prosecution inquiry,” he added.
He has given Trump time until 6 pm (Eastern Standard Time) on December 1, so that he can confirm his presence at the hearing, and if he is unable to appear, will his lawyer appear in his place? ۔
What happens now in the Inquiry Inquiry?
The legal committee will begin work in early December to draft the draft clauses and explain the allegations against the president.
After a vote because of the majority of the Democratic Party in Congress, the motion will be held in the Senate, where the Republican Party is the majority.
If Trump were convicted by a two-thirds majority, which is extremely difficult, he would be the first president of the United States to be removed by impeachment.
The White House and some Republicans want a hearing for two weeks.

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