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Does the student’s whole growth get priority in our educational system?

September 13, 20224 Mins Read

Does the student’s whole growth get priority in our Education Foundation?:The current educational system is a full rat race. Parents are more worried about their kids getting good grades than they are about them grasping things well. The pupils are under more strain as a result. With a lengthy syllabus and few opportunities for alternative activities to expand their skill sets, they are overworked and underdeveloped. However, for some, online education may be an excellent option.

The relevant education authorities need to improve in a few key areas. India has extremely little opportunities for developing or growing unique abilities, thus we must strive for it.
Let’s look at some statistics on the Indian educational system.

Student’s Inadequate grooming

Every day, school pupils pick up new academic skills. The development of children’ personalities, however, is not a priority in schools. While every activity is completed online in the workplace, their learning style is offline. Across this area, private online instruction is becoming more and more common in the nation.

India now uses a standard teaching approach. But since they are unable to keep up with the smarter pupils, we frequently discover that many students are falling behind. Students from different backgrounds cannot be expected to have the same level of comprehension. We must keep in mind that not every student in a class of 25–30 students will benefit from the same teaching strategy. While some kids learn more quickly, others lag behind. Therefore, we should focus on personalising learning for individuals who are falling behind and create unique training modules for them.

Currently a rat race in education of students

Today, every parent hopes for their child to excel academically. And each student concentrates their efforts on achieving higher grades. Both of their parents are not at fault for this. They are unable to think past this reality due to India’s educational system. Sometimes, pupils merely memorise their lessons without making an effort to understand the principles. While this undoubtedly helps individuals score higher, it does not guarantee depth of understanding. The most practical alternative for giving pupils a thorough understanding of their classes and acquiring in-depth knowledge at this point is online learning platforms.

Students rely on memorization

Student’s ability to think critically is severely impaired today. After studying a chapter in any topic, they do not reflect on what they have learned but instead attempt to memorise it by repetition. Student’s capacity for critical or analytical thought is diminished as a result. They are unable to consider an issue from several angles. The current generation of kids also has very poor reasoning and spatial skills. They therefore lack the ability to think creatively. They struggle to picture the ideas in their imaginations. This worsens the issue. It finally results in misunderstanding in the real world. This is the reason why many universities and colleges around the nation currently value online education.

Fewer applications for students

Today students struggle to put their learning into practise, despite the fact that every profession in every sector demands a high degree of mental effort. A student’s prospects of landing a solid career are significantly diminished if they are unable to use their knowledge in the proper way. Therefore, it is crucial for pupils to understand all they are studying. They will benefit from this in their future educational endeavours.

Low originality and innovation

Nowadays, the majority of county youngsters lack original and creative thought. Instead of offering workable solutions, they take a more theoretical approach. Therefore, a system of education where pupils can understand the ideas is necessary. Online education is the finest option available to them in this area.

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