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  • Critics think ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ is the ‘worst’ in the franchise.

Critics think ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ is the ‘worst’ in the franchise.

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Jurassic World: Dominion” may take the top place at the domestic box office this weekend, but poor reviews and word-of-mouth might stymie its box office potential.
The third and final instalment of the new “Jurassic Park” trilogy has received the worst reviews of the franchise’s six instalments, with a 36 percent rating from 175 reviews on review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes.
Critics agree that “Dominion” tries frantically to replicate the nostalgia of the original, but the breathtaking visual effects fail to compensate for the film’s plot and character development flaws.

They’re virtually fossilised after being trodden on by “Jurassic World Dominion,” the please-dear-God last instalment in the “to dinosaur or not to dinosaur” monster movie trilogy.

The dreadful film lasts longer than the Cretaceous Era. The monster is the longest in the 29-year-old series, clocking in at two hours and 26 minutes. But size doesn’t matter; “Dominion” is the worst as well.
Téa Leoni’s sickly shrieks from “Jurassic Park III” begin to seem like a calm symphony orchestra an hour into this cacophony of CGI and foolishness. In the 2015 picture, Bryce Dallas Howard sprints across the jungle in high heels? Oscar-worthy.

Instead of using its lengthy runtime to tie up the plot — well, a few characters kiss at the end — “Dominion” develops a series of clumsy, wholly uninteresting confrontations.

The primary theme is that huge, genetically enhanced locusts are ruining the planet’s agriculture, and Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) and Alan Grant (Sam Neill) are fighting to bring down the clandestine corporation who released them for profit. Yes, the much-hyped conclusion to “Jurassic Park” is a one-off episode of “The X-Files.”
In the four years following the events of “Fallen Kingdom,” Godzillas have spread all across the world, and no one seems to mind.

Pterodactyls nest atop One World Trade, and brachiosaurs rampage across building sites. Meanwhile, Owen (Chris Pratt) is a raptor trainer in the American wilderness. I can’t think of a more foolish or careless strategy. Despite this, he is our hero.

In Jurassic World Owen is hiding out with Claire (Howard) and Maisie (Isabella Sermon), an orphaned clone of her mother Charlotte, whom we saw in “Fallen Kingdom,” at a secluded cabin.

When Maisie and a newborn raptor are kidnapped, Claire and Owen pursue her to Malta, where a James Bond-style chase between a vehicle, motorbike, and many raptors takes place. When a raptor’s peak speed is estimated to be 25 miles per hour, it’s surprising to see them transform into scaly Lamborghinis.
Then they fly to Italy’s icy highlands with DeWanda, a comic-relief pilot (Kayla Watts). Dinos are held in a safe haven there by Biosyn, the locusts that kidnapped Maisie.

that is said to be researching them for medicinal remedies It’s commanded by Dodgson (Campbell Scott), who is now Apple’s Tim Cook, a guy “JP” fans will recognise from the first film. Actually, the doughnut-shaped facility resembles Apple’s Cupertino, California headquarters.

This is a game where no one is good. You’d think seeing Dern, Neill, and Jeff Goldblum together again would be nostalgic, but they all act like old fogies and are designed to sound like fools. Of all, Claire and Owen have always been glorified video-game characters, but they’ve never been as flat and lifeless as they are today.

As the “Jurassic” films come to an end, it’s worth remembering that director Steven Spielberg launched a special-effects revolution in 1993 with “Jurassic Park,” which wowed audiences with lifelike fanged animals that came to life in front of their eyes. “Dominion,” directed by the inept Colin Trevorrow, lacks the same level of inventiveness, wonder, scope, or enchantment.

The sound you hear in the theatre during “Dominion” is mocking chuckles, not the startled gasps of the original, iconic “Jurassic Park.”

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