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September 3, 20223 Mins Read

Balochistan’s coastline is one of the 100 areas in the world where coral reefs or coral reefs are found. These rocks are also called an incredible creation of nature.
According to Dr. FehmidaFirdous, head of the team that discovered the first coral reef attached to the Sindh Wildlife Department, the discovery of coral reefs in Balochistan’s coastal areas “Duran” and “Gunz” in 2009 was a great success. A further survey was launched. “We found a lot of rocks here that were dead, but most of the corals were soft and fresh,” she told DW. We then launched a regular awareness campaign in schools in these areas to raise awareness and distribute posters and pamphlets to the general public so that local people can protect this rare creation of nature on their own. ”
It is noteworthy that the creation of a coral takes about a hundred years. Still, due to increasing pollution in the beaches and the deep sea, many coral species in Pakistan are in danger of extinction.
Coral reefs are an incredible creation of nature.
They are also called the “Rain Forest of the Sea” because they form some of the world’s most beautiful and diverse ecosystems. They provide shelter for deep-sea fish and other marine life, and about 25 percent of small and large fish depend on coral reefs for food and shelter. Coral reefs found in the deep sea are also called “mounds.” Due to their intense presence in the ocean, research on them is still limited.
What are corals?
Corals are aquatic organisms belonging to the group of phylum vertebrates. The animal that plays a crucial role in forming these rocks is called “coral polyps” in scientific terms, which form stones in various beautiful shapes. So far, thousands of coral species have been discovered in coastal areas of more than 100 countries around the world, including Pakistan.
Some have been discovered in warm waters, while others have been found in cold waters and the deep sea. Corals that form rocks at sea level are closely related to photosynthetic algae, which live and grow in their tissues. The Great Barrier Reef, found in Australia, is said to be the largest coral reef ecosystem in the world. This great masterpiece of nature not only plays a vital role in the development and protection of aquatic life. These rocks provide various economic and environmental benefits to coastal residents and help prevent erosion in coastal areas. Corals are also used in medicine and jewelry making.
What do the experts say?
According to researchers at the Department of Marine Sciences, the University of Karachi, coral reefs form a diverse ecosystem. Still, due to a lack of awareness of their importance in coastal areas, it is feared that many of these rare species are found at sea level will become endangered. Will disappear. First of all, biodiversity information centers should be set up in Sindh and Balochistan’s coastal areas to protect them. Coral reefs are being severely damaged by climate change caused by increasing pollution, which is raising sea levels and increasing the rate of acidity in seawater. Illegal and misguided fishing practices also play a role in the destruction of coral reefs.
According to experts, like other natural ecosystems, corals can repair damage to their ecosystems on their own. But this process takes decades, in which it is necessary to restore the conducive environment required for their development. Therefore, in addition to launching awareness campaigns in these areas, it is imperative to establish large-scale scientific research on coral reefs conservation.

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