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How to Cook Lady Finger | Bhindi Ki Sabzi | Bhindi Sabzi Recipe

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Recipe for Bhindi Masala with step-by-step photos – Stir-fried okra with onions and tomatoes, an easy companion dish with bread/paratha or naan – free vegan and gluten natural curry
Bhindi Masala
Bhindi Masala – Stir-fried okra
Jari Bhindi / Okra / Lady or Vendakkai is one of my favorite vegetables of adulthood. When I was little, it was a different story. Like how it happened in many South Indian families, my parents often lured me with stories of how eating vendakkai (tamil word for Okra) can help me get full marks in Mathematics!
I have never been able to find a connection between eating bhindi and math, except of course I did calculations on a large number of seeds that accompanied it, but hey we don’t argue much like children right?
While Bhindi masala is quite simple for beginners, the spices provide the flavor we like in curries served in Indian restaurants, reduced by excess oil.
One thing that can prevent novice cooks from cooking with okra/bhindi is the mucus factor.

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