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Clint Bowyer Is Surprisingly Missing From Fox’s Final NASCAR Cup Series Broadcast in 2022

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Clint Bowyer has been a staple in the Fox commentary booth since arriving before the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season, working with Mike Joy the previous two seasons. Following Jeff Gordon’s departure at the end of last season, the two have relied on a rotating cast of guest analysts in 2022, including Tony Stewart, Danica Patrick, and Matt Kenseth.

This week is Fox’s last race of the season before NBC takes over coverage. Bowyer, who hasn’t missed a race since starting with the network, will, however, be absent.

Before last season, Clint Bowyer effortlessly went from the racetrack to the TV booth, where he worked alongside Mike Joy and Jeff Gordon. The two former drivers complimented each other nicely, delivering useful information to the audience while poking fun at one other.

This season has been markedly different from previous ones. Bowyer and Joy have invited a variety of guest analysts during the season while Gordon has moved on to other business projects.
Tony Stewart opened off the season’s coverage and immediately established himself as a capable commentator capable of dealing with Bowyer’s occasionally outlandish conduct. Stewart was one of the finest among the visitors, who included Patrick, Kenseth, Darrell Waltrip, Chad Knaus, and others.

Bowyer’s old employer will be in the booth, but Bowyer will not be. When Larry McReynolds joined Joy in the booth for the network’s broadcast of qualifying in Sonoma yesterday, something seemed off. Bowyer and the long-time announcer are usually the ones who describe the action.

Jordan Bianchi of The Athletic tweeted on Sunday that the former driver, who turned 43 at the end of last month, would be unavailable.

“Clint Bowyer will not be part of Fox Sports‘ NASCAR coverage today as he is ‘handling a personal problem,'” the reporter tweeted.

Clint Bowyer was in the booth for World Wide Technology Raceway’s debut race last weekend. The Kansas native was chanting the song’s praises.

Bowyer hasn’t tweeted since last Sunday, which is strange given that his history shows that he tweets virtually every day, often multiple times a day.

Last week, he gave no hint that he wouldn’t be at Sonoma for the season finale with his old boss and pal Stewart. It’s an unusual turn of events that supporters hope isn’t serious or indicative of his future with the network.

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