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Chikmagalur 2020: Bhadra River Whitewater Rafting Experience

September 9, 20224 Mins Read

Best Time for Rafting in Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur rafting season usually occurs in June and October. The river is now blowing at a good water level, which is very suitable for rafters to enjoy the exciting ride. In August and September, due to heavy rains in Chikmagalur, you should avoid trips to the riverside during these two months. At this time of year, the tides and blowing of the Badra River can only be handled by well-trained and qualified rafters. Also, in June and October, you will experience pleasant weather.
The two months at Chikmagalur were great and I really enjoyed it. During the two months of June and October, the temperature in Chikmagalur was between 16 ° C and 25 ° C. Therefore, when you come here at this time, there is no problem for you to travel to different places.
But many people go to Chikmagalur spa to raft the rapids in March and April. However, the temperature during these two months was really warm, sometimes reaching 32 ° C. Therefore, we recommend that you plan Chikmagalur for rafting on the Bhadra River in June and October.

 Chikmagalur is the best place for rafting

We have already said that Chikmagalur is the Bhadra river, the best place for rafting. This crystal clear river flows from the Sigat Mountains and runs through all parts of the country. The Badra River stretches for 78 kilometers. Approximately 4 to 5 speeds are classified as 3 or more. Therefore, you have to work very hard to pass the team safely.
An unforgettable experience will give you the thrill of a rowing boat for eight people. The Badra River originates from the Western Ghats of Gangamora, which is located on the southern Deccan Plateau. It empties into Swarnavahini near Hebbe, Thadabehalla and Odirayanahalla and their different tributaries. Rafting on the Chikmagalur River is famous for this river. Average Cost of

 Rafting in Chikmagalur The price of

This depends on the time of year you are visiting, the duration of your rafting trip, and the route you will be taking.. Generally, the average cost of rafting in Chikmagalur on the Bhadra River is between Rs 1,800 and Rs 3,500. The prices of travel agencies may vary.

 Important Rafting Techniques in Chikmagalur

Check out these safety recommendations before you go rafting in Chikmagalur!
Before planning a rafting trip on the Bhadra River, check with a travel agency. All the routes and characteristics of the river must be fully understood in different places in the area.
Select a licensed drift travel agency. Check online and consult other people to get the best experience and safety from the best rafting agency.
You should check if your operator provides safety equipment and equipment. Helmet, gloves, life jackets, goggles, and other things are included. To always ensure your safety, it is important that it is right for you.
Watch the rafting trip and learn the right swimming skills. If the raft falls, you must swim to safety on your own. You will not depend on anyone for your swimming skills.
When you are drifting in the sun for a long time, you can use good sunscreen to prevent your skin from tanning. To do this, you can wear a full-sleeved shirt.

 What does Chikmagalur do for rafting?

No matter where you go rafting, you need to pack a lot. For those who visit home stays near chikmagalur while rafting the Bhadra River, check out these items that are truly essential on your trip.
No matter where you go rafting, you need a good pair of river shoes. When wearing shoes, it is important that you support and support correctly to avoid slipping on wet surfaces while walking.
Continuous sunlight and humid conditions can cause severe skin damage. This is why the sunscreen lotion is packaged. Soothes burned skin and provides proper protection.
Put your wet clothes in one place, always use an extra plastic bag. If you put wet clothes and dry clothes in the same bag, they will get wet. Therefore, you must carry a separate plastic bag for this purpose.
Bring some warm clothing and a light jacket to keep you warm after the cold.

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