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Bushara Ansari got married to another

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Bushara Ansari got married
Protoday247 Monitoring News Desk: As news came, the Pakistani showbiz industry was shaking, Bushara Ansari got married to another. Female showbiz reporter Amana Kanwal claimed Legendary actress Bushari Ansari is married to renowned director Iqbal Hussain.
Amana Kanwal claims in her story written for the Roznama Haqaeq. 63-year-old Bashari Ansari got married in 1978. Her first husband, Iqbal Ansari, was on television producer and they both had 2 daughters. Some time ago, Bushari Ansari and Iqbal Ansari were separated. After that, Bushra Ansari is once again tied to the marriage bond Bushari Ansari has also chosen Iqbal for his second marriage.
But her new husband is Iqbal Hussain and he is also a television producer. Iqbal Hussain is a former husband of actress and morning show host Farah Saadia. There was a split some time ago between the two Bushra Ansari and Iqbal Hussain’s marriage not announced in the media, female reporter says However, the pair are well-liked.

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