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(Review) Top 5 Best Mini Handheld Acne Devices Today

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Best Mini Handheld Acne Devices Today!

Polluted environment, dust makes your skin seriously damaged and causes acne problems such as acne, pustules, inflammatory acne, blackheads, etc.
To overcome this situation, mini portable acne vacuum cleaner products were born, which not only help you remove acne quickly but also save time and money going to beauty salons and Spas.
Currently, the mini acne vacuum cleaner products on the market are very diverse, so choosing the right product for your skin is not easy.
So, which brand’s mini acne vacuum cleaner is the best today?
What are the criteria to know before buying a mini portable acne vacuum cleaner?
The following article will help you answer all of the above questions, or also refer to it!

1. Korean Comedo super powerful acne vacuum cleaner

The super powerful Comedo Suction Tool acne suction machine is a product that competes directly with the current Bayoka XM210 mist sprayer on the market.
No less competitive in production technology, Comedo Suction Tool is manufactured entirely on modern Korean technology lines. In addition, Comedo Suction Tool is the leading beauty care brand in Korea, highly appreciated by Korean consumers as well as the world for its beauty effect.
In terms of design, the Comedo Suction Tool product sucks acne based on the air compression mechanism, creating a strong force to get the kernels from deep pores. Despite using such force, you can rest assured that the product will not cause any damage to the skin.
Comedo Suction Tool works extremely smoothly, the LCD screen displays the machine’s activities, battery usage, … users can easily observe and change the appropriate mode. The Comedo Suction Tool uses 4 different suction heads to fit acne in certain areas:
   – Oval nozzle: Used for the mouth and eye corners, using this nozzle not only cleans the face but also can lift muscles, improve wrinkles, crow’s feet.
   – Large suction head: Use the cheeks, jawline, and forehead, help good blood circulation, lift and rejuvenate.
   – Small nozzle: Used for the nose wing, T-zone, effectively remove all kinds of blackheads, improving skin darkening.
   – Mini nozzle: Used for the smallest acne that the upper suction nozzles are not capable of removing.

2. Cheap acne vacuum cleaner XN-8030

Next is Beauty Skin Care’s XN-8030 acne vacuum cleaner. The XN-8030 has a simple, compact design but is relatively efficient in operation, which is highly appreciated by customers. The machine operates with a large capacity, good noise reduction system, quiet operation without causing discomfort to the user.
In terms of structure, XN-8030 has 5 different levels of acne suction, users can choose the model that best suits their skin, thereby getting all acne, dead cells, sebum on the skin. face.
Not only has the effect of sucking acne, but XN-8030 also has the effect of lifting muscle, rejuvenating the skin, improving wrinkles and other aging problems on the skin. The machine is operated by a rechargeable battery which is very convenient, in addition to the large battery capacity, the operating time of the machine is long.

3. CkeyiN blackhead vacuum cleaner cleans pores

CkeyiN blackhead vacuum cleaner cleans pores
CkeyiN acne suction machine is a product manufactured on modern technology lines, thereby achieving high efficiency in acne removal. Currently, the CkeyiN machine is the best-selling product on the market, often used in beauty salons, Spas, Salon Hair,…
To clean all blackheads on the face, the CkeyiN machine must operate with extremely powerful power, but the extremely low noise level is only 60dBA so that the machine works smoothly, creating a comfortable feeling for the user. use.
A note before sucking acne is that users should steam their face for 15-20 minutes to open pores, acne is easier to be sucked.
In terms of product structure, the CkeyiN handheld acne vacuum cleaner has a glass tube used to suck up acne and airlines. In addition, users can also be completely assured that the product material is 100% high-quality plastic, absolutely safe for users.

4. Aoberst acne vacuum cleaner – 4 high-end suction heads

Aoberst is a famous German health and beauty brand. Its products are always well received and appreciated by consumers. Aoberst acne vacuum cleaner products are manufactured on modern technological lines with European standards and are now available worldwide.
Aoberst acne vacuum cleaner has a curvy floor design, made from completely high-quality materials, absolutely safe for users.
Besides, the machine operates extremely smoothly thanks to the effective noise control unit; the operating capacity of the machine is large but does not cause damage to the skin; The device operates on a rechargeable battery which is extremely convenient. You can use it for a long time without worrying about the device running out of power.

Aoberst works with 4 main nozzles:

   – Ovan nozzle: used for the nose, corners of the mouth, ears, eye sockets, removing acne and blackheads.
   – Small round nozzle:  Use the whole face to remove dead cells.
   – Large round nozzle 1: Only use with hard-to-reach acne or blackheads.
   – Large round nozzle 2: Used mainly for the chin area to remove blackheads and hormonal acne.
Aoberst acne vacuum cleaner products are FDA-approved for quality and safety before being put on the market, so customers can use it with confidence. Currently at beauty salons or spas, Aoberst is very popular because of its high acne suction efficiency

5. LaCreata Handheld Pimple Aspirator

LaCreata handheld acne vacuum cleaner is the final product that we would like to introduce to readers. This is a product in the low-priced segment, but that does not mean that its acne-absorbing efficiency is reduced.
LaCreata has the superior ability to absorb acne thanks to the vacuum suction mechanism by measuring acne types such as blackheads, pustules, … are thoroughly removed, from which the skin is improved, bright white, lifted, rejuvenated. .
The advantage of the LaCreata machine is that the product is made entirely of high-quality materials. The case is made of high quality ABS plastic, absolutely safe for users. Besides, the device has a compact design that makes it easy to carry with you when you go away.
In terms of product features, LaCreata is integrated with 5 different suction heads. You will choose the most suitable one for the acne condition in each skin area for the most effective removal.
 In addition, the LaCreata acne vacuum cleaner has 3 different suction modes from light to strong, for skin from sensitive, dry, oily to acne-prone skin. The product has a strong operating capacity, 5W suction force, does not make noise when in use.
LaCreata operates on rechargeable batteries and has a battery capacity of 500mAH, so you can use it for a long time without worrying about running out of power…
Don’t forget to search and use discount codes to save money when shopping online for mini acne device products. Discount codes for mini acne devices will be found on many reputable websites. You can easily find them with just a few clicks.
In particular, you can save a lot on big sales occasions depending on the time frame that the supplier offers.

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