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Benefits of Taraweeh Prayer during Ramadan

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Taraweeh Prayer is a Ramadan special prayer that takes place between the Fardh and Witr of the Ishaa prayers. Not only are they a source of pleasure from Allah, but they also have medicinal advantages, which this article will explain.

Taraweeh is a Ramadan tradition.

Enhances Physical and Emotional Well-Being

Taraweeh Prayer is a Ramadan tradition. While prayer, the gentle up and down movements, such as Sajdah and raku, increase physical and emotional health as well as the longevity of the person praying. People who fast for the entire day and then conduct Taraweeh prayers at night are said to be stronger. 

Muscle Strength in the Elderly is Restored

Physical activity reduces as individuals age, resulting in bone loss and, if not properly cared for, osteoporosis. Due to a lack of mineral content in their bones, they are readily shattered if they fall. During Taraweeh prayers, the frequent motions enhance joint flexibility, muscular strength, and tendon power. As a result of Taraweeh prayers, aged people’s endurance, self-confidence, and self-respect improve, and they become more self-reliant.

Strengthens Skeletal Muscles

Every muscle in our body contracts in an isotonic and isometric way during regular prayers and Taraweeh prayers. This muscle workout improves and relieves weariness. Mineral content in the bones declines beyond the age of 40. Taraweeh prayers correct mineral shortage in old men and women, allowing the bone structure to remain normal and preventing osteoporosis. These prayers also help to keep a person flexible and increase their mobility and joint lubrication.

Increases Metabolism

Because the Taraweeh prayers are a sort of exercise, they aid in the burning of calories. Weight loss can be aided by a healthy meal at Sahur and Iftar, as well as Taraweeh prayers.

Enhances your mental health

Exercise has been shown to enhance behavior, mood, and thinking. Exercise improves the quality of life, gives you a burst of energy, reduces worry and sadness, improves your mood, and promotes your self-esteem and confidence levels. The continual recital of verses from the Holy Quran, which screens the mind from incoming thoughts, also helps memory, particularly in adults.
Taraweeh prayers are both a form of physical activity and a source of relaxation after a long day of fasting since they burn calories after a large Iftar.

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