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Asif Ali Zardari, implicated in the massive money-laundering

September 1, 20222 Mins Read

Asif Ali Zardari, implicated in the massive money-laundering case of FaryalT alpur
In a mega money-laundering case on Monday, an accountability court indicted former president and PPP co-chair Asif Ali Zardari and his niece, FaryalTalpur, with the accused pleaded not guilty. At the Islamabad court, where Zardari, accompanied by his daughter Asifa, and Talpur were introduced, Justice Azam Khan chaired the hearing.
Nevertheless, the PPP leader’s counsel, Farooq H Naik, was allegedly not there because of his loyalty to the Supreme Court. Anwar Majeed, the leader of the Omni Party and another defendant in the case who appeared via video connexion, was also indicted by the judge. However, Majeed pleaded not guilty.
Majeed’s uncle, Abdul Ghani, who was present in the courtroom and also pleaded not guilty, was further indicted by the court. After being convicted by the judge, the lawyers of two other defendants in the case, including former Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) chairman Hussain Lawai and banker TahaRaza, were given a copy of the charge sheet.
It should be recalled that at the last hearing , the court rejected Zardari ‘s pleas in the cases of false statements, as well as three claims to wrongdoing, and ordered him to be tried, adding that he could not be acquitted. In the other side, in the Islamabad High Court, the PPP co-chairperson appealed the mega money-laundering and Park Lane comparison cases, demanding acquittal in both.

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