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Another major humanitarian deployment came to the fore

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Mohammad Malik

Renowned journalist Mohammad Malik says in 2009, there was a fraud of Rs 9 billion. Sheikh Afzal was caught in it. He then stated that my friendship was with Commissioner Islamabad Fazil Asghar. He claimed that I had given him 55 lakh rupees. Sheikh Afzal’s name was on the ECL, he said That they took me to the airport with the full protocol. There I paid Rs 5 lakh to an officer, after which I went out. After these statements, Sheikh Afzal was also interrogated Subsequently, when the NAB filed the documents in the Supreme Court. In this, the FIA ​​officer said that I did not take any money but I was friendly with him and that is why he took him to the airport.
Mohammad Malik said that does not matter Whether you took the money or not the fact is, you sent out a person named in the ECL. However, it is now reported that Fazil Asghar has been appointed as the Chief Secretary of Balochistan. It is also learned that their relationship is with Ahsan Jamil Gujar, whose wife belongs to the first lady (Bushra Bibi).
Ahsan Jameel Gujjar wife is a very good friend of Bushra Bibi in fact, it is said that Imran Khan and Bashari Bibi were also Nikkah to Ahsan Jamil Gujar Home’s. Questioning the deployment, Mohammad Malik said, Will this posting be done in a way that knows who Ahsan Jamil Gujar is a person accused of committing illegal acts will he be rewarded this way.

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