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Americans must help Pakistani people affected by the floods, says a US congresswoman

September 19, 20223 Mins Read

Americans must help Pakistani people  | A US politician has proposed legislation to offer greater aid to the nation, which has been devastated by recent floods, on the grounds that the people of Pakistan need assistance from America.

Since early June, the cash-strapped country has been dealing with the worst floods in the past 30 years, which have killed more than 1,400 people and affected 33 million others.

One in seven people are severely impacted by the floods, which have caused an estimated USD 12 billion in losses and buried nearly 78,000 square kilometers (21 million acres) of agricultural land, with a third of the country under water.

Pakistan’s populace is in need of assistance. They have received support from the Pakistani Americans.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, co-chair of the Pakistani Congressional Caucus, made her comments during a speech in the House of Representatives. “Numerous in my Legislative region are giving and ready to assist with sending clinical consideration maybe,” she expressed.

Jackson-Lee stated during a speech on the House floor that it is crucial for the US Congress to publicly acknowledge the destruction that the populace is dealing with on a daily basis.
Would you believe that despite all the difficulties we face in the United States, there are groups of people who are cut off by contaminated water and who live in remote places without any form of shelter? she asked.

People are starving, and the food shortage is becoming worse. According to her, the expectant mothers are afraid of the great difficulties they will face after childbirth.

During the introduction of this legislation to address the destruction caused by the floods in Pakistan, I am pleading with Congress to support it and acknowledge the severe circumstances that our friends in Pakistan are experiencing. stated Jackson-Lee.

She claimed that Pakistan has been a friend and has assisted the US in evacuating Afghan refugees as well as in the fight on terror, in which they lost the Pakistani military.

It is crucial that we rise to the occasion, she added, noting the Pakistani diaspora’s sizeable and highly engaged population as well as Pakistani Americans who are respected and, naturally, to work with their government here in the United States to try to save the lives of infants, children, women, and men as well as those who are ill, require kidney transplants, or cannot access their medications.

Jackson-Lee as of late returned from a 10-roadtrip to Pakistan with the Legislative Pakistan Council. far as the eye could see, I could see water. North of 600,000 individuals are destitute and 33 million individuals have been dislodged, she expressed, yet there are as yet a lot more who are ravenous.

She expresses gratitude to the Biden administration for providing the UN fund with the first money of USD 30 million and the subsequent funding of USD 20 million. The US military helped with providing 300,000 tents after our preparation in Islamabad and coordination with the organization, she said.


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