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All Minecraft Advancements in Update 1.19

September 20, 20223 Mins Read

Here is a list of all the changes in the Minecraft 1.19 Wilds release.
1.19 Minecraft The Wild update has arrived, bringing with it seven new achievements to work for. In case you’re unfamiliar, advances are Java Edition-specific tasks that players may uncover and unlock, serving as in-game prizes. Each one will need you to engage with something fresh and intriguing as part of the Wild upgrade. Here are all of the new features in Minecraft 1.19.

All 7 Minecraft 1.19 Improvements
As previously stated, the Minecraft Wild update includes seven new features. While advances provide additional challenges for gamers to enjoy, they also serve as a guide for players who are new to the update to learn about all that has changed.

First Advancement: Birthday Song
Birthday Song is the first improvement in Minecraft 1.19, and it includes an Allay, a message box, and a cake. To obtain this upgrade, simply obtain an Allay and feed it a cake. Then, using the message box, have Allay place the cake on the box.

Second Advancement: It Spreads
It Spreads is the name of the second advancement. To get this one, you must slay a mob near a Skulk Catalyst. These may be discovered in chests in Ancient Cities or anyplace there are skulk blocks. Find a Skulk Catalyst and carry it to the surface to kill an easy mob up there to quickly advance. You certainly do not want to attempt.

Third advancement: When the Squad Arrives in Town
The third step is simpler than the second: put each frog variety on a lead. There are three frog variations, and only two of them may be obtained by reproducing them in settings other than a swamp. When the Squad Hops into Town is the name of this development.

Bukkit Bukkit is the fourth advancement.
Speaking of frogs, you may as well obtain the fourth advancement while completing the third. All you need to do with Bukkit Bukkit is capture a tadpole in a bucket, which you will need to accomplish in order to generate the other frog varieties for the When the Squad Hops into Town advancement.

Sneak 1oo is the fifth advancement.
To obtain Sneak 100, you must sneak by a Sculk Sensor or a Warden without being discovered. Keep in mind that the Sculk Sensor requires 3 blocks and the Warden requires 5 blocks.
You’ve Got a Friend in Me, Advancement #6
While you’re working on advancement one, you may check off advancement six, You’ve Got a Friend in Me. This upgrade requires you to have an Allay deliver you an item, which is pretty simple given that this is their primary purpose.

Advancement #7: Using All of Our Strengths!
With All of Our Might! is the last improvement in Minecraft 1.19 and might be difficult to achieve. All you have to do to earn the upgrade is have all three froglights in your inventory. Froglights are a new light block that comes in pearlescent for white frogs, verdant for green frogs, and ochre for orange frogs. To obtain them, give little magma cubes to your frogs. You must travel to the Nether, bring the giant magma cube mob into the Overworld, break them down into little magma cubes in front of your frogs, and have the frogs consume them. Best wishes!

Minecraft is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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