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After the Taxi, Uber Also Started the Helicopter Service

August 18, 20221 Mins Read

Protoday247 News Desk: Uber launches helicopter service in the US for short-haul fare. According to the international news agency, online taxi service Uber Helicopter Service Announces Short-Range Helicopter Service for Customers at Kennedy International Airport in New York City.

This service has been launched in this busy area where a few minutes goes by one-hour travel is due to traffic jams, Uber administration claims 200$ to 225$ for 8-minute flight Including the cost of users land travel, Users will be allowed to bring a small suit case for the flight While users will also be shown a video containing pre-travel precautions Helicopter Flight Rights is owned by HeliFlight, a licensed company Flight Rights, And who will work with Uber, however, Uber helicopter fares are similar to the rentals of JFK, a leading US company.

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