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After eating peanuts, they do not make mistakes

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Most people are fond of eating peanuts this season, but drinking water after eating this really harmful to health?

You have often heard that people should refrain from drinking water after eating peanuts because it can result in cough and sore throat. Although not scientifically proven is that really the case? So the answer is that many ideas are circulating in this regard, of which medical science has never proven to anyone.
One idea is that because nuts like peanuts are naturally dry. So their food makes them feel thirsty and the presence of oil in it proves to be far from water. The idea is that fat can be collected in the oesophagus after eating more oily foods or nuts. Which causes sore throat and cough; it has not been proven so far.
Another idea is that eating peanuts produces heat in the body and that is why it is eaten in winter. This is why drinking water lowers the temperature but the simultaneous flow of heat and cooling causes a cold. Cough and respiratory diseases cause many diseases By the way, some experts do not consider drinking water after a meal a good practice. Because it increases the chances of indigestion or acidity so it’s best to wait at least ten to fifteen minutes.
There is also an idea that drinking water after eating peanuts causes gastrointestinal problems. Often in children, it is often a result of an allergy to peanuts and drinking water on it makes things worse.

Well, even if drinking water after peanuts doesn’t prove to be harmful, taking precautions is not harmful.

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