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8 Pre Bridal Plan Every Bridal Should Know 

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Pre Bridal Plans!

Planning a wedding, picking an outfit, date, pre wedding makeup package can be the least of your worries. Looking picture perfect and most beautiful on your special day takes many months of planning and work. Bridal care, grooming and beauty should start from 3 months of marriage that every bride should follow. There are a lot of things to consider, whether it’s the outfit, preparation and selection of things.
The most focused person is the bride at her wedding. There is a lot of hard work of pre-wedding planning behind blushing, glowing and beautiful brides. From getting waxed to schedule the hair appointment, we have got you all covered. However, plenty of planning makes the process confused and later on messy. So, let’s get into the top 10 pre bridal plans that every bride should know.

8 Pre Bridal Plan Every Bridal Should Know:

  1. Book a spa appointment before wedding

Before a week of your wedding, get yourself relaxed and pamper with massage therapy. Massage helps to relieve stress, tension and headache that cause due to over preparation of the wedding. It also helps to relieve the body pain, muscles ache and painful back. This makes you active, fresh and rejuvenates your body. It also makes your skin shiny, healthy and glowing for your wedding day. Book the appointment with an online salon booking app from your comfort zone and visit there at slot time.

  1. Tooth whitening can be cut down

If you smoke or drink a lot of coffee then stop it right away. Tooth whitening can’t help you until you take the right precautions. Tooth whitening is an expensive treatment that every bride can’t afford. However, if you have shiny and white teeth then it’s not necessary. You have to make sure to stop the intake of foods and drinks that can stain on the teeth and make it pale as well as dirty. Before the few months of wedding, cut down the intake of it.

  1. Have water handy while clicking pictures

Keep the water bottle aside while clicking pictures because while photo shooting you might get tired and start to sweat. Therefore, water helps to keep you hydrated and fresh as well as active to participate in the wedding photoshoot. In fact, not only during photoshoot but also being a bride keep it handy. Sitting for long, wearing heavy dresses and jewellery makes you uncomfortable then water comes to rescue.

  1. Ask for cake

Wedding is incomplete without the cake celebration. After the wedding rituals get a cake since girls love to celebrate it with joy and happiness. Cutting the cake together and feeding to each other appears more love and attachment. If not possible at a wedding, then make sure to have it on the reception day. Cake cutting maes the day and celebration joyful and enjoyable at twice the pace. You can go for it!

  1. Beauty vitamins

For glowing skin, healthy and shiny hair brides can take beauty vitamins. These vitamins can be rich in Vitamin C, E and protein. However, you can’t take it according to your choice, but consult a doctor and start to take it accordingly. Biotin enriched foods such as peanut butter and bananas. These vitamins help reduce hair loss and promote nail growth. This can protect your hair from becoming dull, thin and dry. Spinach, cashews and oysters can be a good source of iron to alter your diet.

  1. Fitness and nutrition plan

Nutrition and fitness plans are a part of your pre-bridal care before 3 months of your wedding. Avoid crash dieting before the wedding and start a fitness plan. This will make sure your body and mind are fresh and active to look gorgeous on your big day. Instead of being exhausted and weak, you will look healthy and glowing skin. Staying healthy and fit is so necessary and brides want to do that. However, without proper guidance and help you can’t take it to the end.

  1. Eyelash extensions

Who doesn’t want beautiful and attractive eyes, infant eyes are the most focused part during makeup and grooming. For wedding makeup, you can save yourself from the trouble of having fake lashes. Visit a trusted salon or simply book the salon appointment in your nearby venues from online salon booking. A non-invasive lash extension can be the right choice to make your extension done. This extension makes your lashes appear bigger and fuller and won’t even wipe out while removing makeup. It makes your eyes beautiful even without makeup.

  1. Nail care

Do you want to flaunt your wedding or engagement ring? Then, care is extremely important which includes manicure, nail extension, nail art, grooming and shaping of nails. Keep your nails without nail color before 2 weeks after the wedding because they will recover from all the fatigue. It would be better to get a manicure and put them together one day before the wedding. Get a nail color matching your dress, jewellery and makeup. The same technique allies while putting nail extension and nail art.

Bottom line

These are top pre bridal plans that every bride should include in their bridal routine and preparation. Pedicure, scrub, SPF, head massage, hair spa and so many things are also essential for rocking your big day. You can simply go to a salon to fulfill all these requirements.
Finding the right and trustworthy beauty salons are difficult. Therefore, you can consider the best salon booking app that helps to choose the right salon in your locality and avoid waiting in a long queue. Simply book the appointment according to available time and visit over there at scheduled time. That it is!

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