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September 25, 20222 Mins Read

“The King of Ghazal” the legendary Mehdi Hassan Sahab left this mortal universe back in 2012 in the month of June 13 after a protracted illness that affected his lungs in Karachi and it’s his seventh death anniversary, Today.

Mehdi Hassan Sahab who is very well-known and the most respected for his ghazals singing in both major rival countries Pakistan and India were born in India on 18th July 1927.
He used to sing as a Thumri Singer on Radio after he was given his very first opportunity. His melodious voice, when reached to the ears far away, made him recognized throughout the nation. He gained a name and fame within the musical fraternity.
He was certainly one of the greatest singers of his time. He also gave his voice for over 300 movies to the film industry as a leading singer during his music career.
The Pakistani Music Industry gave “the King of Ghazal” some of the most prestigious titles including “the Nigar Award” for Best Performer on several occasions. He was also honored with numerous awards by the government of Pakistan such as Nishan-e-Imtiaz, Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, Pride of Performance and Hilal-e-Imtiaz.
Today, he was commemorated by many of his colleagues and music-related personalities saying that his work is a true asset to the film and music industry.
Mehdi Hassan sahib, one of the biggest Ghazal singers of South Asia has during his career has produced a large number of quality work which even after seven-years of passing away remains fresh in the minds. His memories are still alive in the hearts of the people who loved him.
To give him contribute and freshen up his memories a few of his very famous Gazals you will surely want to enjoy.

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