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5G is currently prepared for use in businesses.

September 27, 20225 Mins Read

In my capacity at Ericsson, I work with our Verizon partners to assist clients in locating connectivity solutions that will enable them to meet their business objectives. We take it for granted that 5G and innovation made possible by 5G are essential components of our world. But that’s not as obvious to many of our clients in different sectors. It may feel like 5G is still in the future. This article is for you if you’re still not convinced that 5G is now available and prepared for use in your industry.

I just attended Verizon’s 5G Innovations Session at the State Farm Arena, which has won several accolades. Executives from the Atlanta Hawks, Verizon Business customers, and representatives from other industries that are leaders but are less familiar with 5G attended the event. Customers were able to actively engage with 5G and discover new strategies for streamlining, securing, and connecting their organisations through a variety of engaging events. At the occasion, there was a tangible energy. Initially doubting attendees came to understand that 5G is not some far-off technology. It’s available right now and prepared to assist businesses of all sizes and in all sectors in undergoing a digital transformation to advance their operations.

Why 5G? because you constantly want to accomplish more quickly.

I would venture to say that every particular firm, including small and medium-sized ones, is already at some stage of the digitalization process. Your goal is to work more productively. You’re implementing cutting-edge technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and utilising data to acquire actionable insights about your clients and workflows so you can make better decisions and achieve better results. All of this calls for strong, safe, and dependable connectivity.

As a complement to fixed broadband, 5G fixed wireless

There are significant advantages to incorporating 5G into your strategy, even if you’re just beginning your digital transformation journey. For instance, compared to fixed (wired) access, 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) may be more effective and scalable. In the event that the fixed network has a service disruption, 5G FWA can act as a fallback. In many deployment scenarios, 5G Fixed Wireless can be more cost-effective than, example, fibre and is a feasible solution for new places or pop-up circumstances like construction sites.

You’re probably already aware of the benefits of 5G: It is built for high capacity and can support up to a thousand times as many connections and mobile data volumes as 4G.
With data speeds of up to 10Gbps or more, throughput is quick. For emerging use cases like advanced IoT, smart linked factories, and others in manufacturing, automotive, energy and utilities, healthcare, and more, lower latency is essential. Additionally, 5G is very dependable and secure.

The fact that 5G is a universal standard with a developing global ecosystem and a worldwide reach that is lowering unit costs over time and improving interoperability is significant. The net result is that you can give a superior user experience with 5G thanks to a reliable and well-supported technology.

Synergies between 5G and new technologies

We are in a time of unprecedented innovation across a wide range of sectors, including Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), Artificial intelligence (AI), and Machine learning (ML). By combining these with 5G, extraordinary synergies are produced, and new use cases are made possible. Network slicing is a use case that is particularly pertinent to the corporation.

All sectors may innovate new business models thanks to network slicing. We split a network into a number of logical networks on top of a common infrastructure to produce a sliced network. Each logical network has all the necessary components resources configured and connected end to end, and it serves a specific function. The finest of both worlds are obtained:

all the advantages of service provided via a wide-area public network with the feel of a dedicated private network. The network slice, which is supported by Verizon’s nationwide public network and its capabilities, seems like it was designed specifically for your company.

Case Study: Providing first responders with quick, mobile 5G connectivity

Here is the ideal illustration of how 5G cellular may take over if fixed broadband networks fail. When rushing to battle forest fires or respond to the damage caused by hurricanes, tornadoes, or floods, public safety professionals and service personnel encounter challenging terrain and unavailable networks. The Tactical Humanitarian Operations Response (THOR) vehicle was developed by Ericsson and Verizon Frontline as a unique solution for mission-critical first responders and the Department of Defense. THOR is a first-of-its-kind mobile, private 5G Ultra Wideband (UWB) and MEC rapid-response command centre vehicle that can deploy Verizon Frontline technology, including Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband, as well as additional applications and advanced computing solutions. It is based on Ericsson’s mission-critical 5G deployable network solution. First esponders and the Department of Defense are examples of potential users.

5G is the best option for business.

THOR serves as an example of how, with the proper partners and resources,  technology can be imaginatively used to address difficult problems. However, the everyday commercial applications that depend on 5G’s high capacity, fast throughput, low latency, stability, and security are where the technology’s true value may be discovered.

New technologies are being introduced in waves. Each one adds a fresh tool to our arsenal. We’ll see the synergies between technologies like 5G and MEC proliferate and develop in ways we can hardly even imagine at this point. For instance, we dazzled audiences at the 5G Innovations Sessions with demos of an interactive cityscape, face recognition, near-real-time crowd analytics, and Together, Ericsson and Verizon are working hard to accelerate these developments for our business clients.

The potential of  connection will help our clients across all sectors, from entertainment to manufacturing to banking and commerce, revealing use cases and presenting fresh opportunities to innovate, connect, and provide a superior consumer experience.

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